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Infrastructure & Road Construction

Source Machinery strives to give the safest highways by designing construction of roads and quality pavement marking. The public, driving on the roads today, deserve and expect to have the best infrastructure possible. As we look to the future highway systems of the world, we realize that only with innovative products will there be an economical way for governments to supply the needs of ever growing road systems and increasing traffic on them. The driving public, no matter what age, relies on road markings to create a safe driving experience.

Equipment Rental & Transport

Source Machinery’s Equipment Rental fleet is one of the strongest in the industry. In order to initially serve the diverse requirements of infrastructure industry, Source Machinery has built up a wide range fleet of heavy construction equipment. Our product line includes everything from small hand held tools to large earthmovers. While having a wide variety of tools and equipment is important, making sure they are all operating correctly is most important. We understand that our fleet is the cornerstone of our business and we stand behind the quality equipment we rent. We begin by purchasing factory new equipment from the industry’s leading manufacturers for our rental fleet. The intelligently customized solutions are backed by meticulous maintenance packages ensuring our clients project execution is never put at risk. Below listed are some of the main heavy equipment we have in our fleet.


Maintenance is a very important factor in equipment safety, but it is not the only one. Providing the right equipment for the job, safety training, and manufacturer’s safety & instruction manuals is also crucial. Many of our locations also carry a full line of personal and jobsite safety accessories.

Health, Safety and Environment

It is the policy of Source Machinery to comply fully with all applicable laws and regulations concerning construction activities on site. We have Safety Plans that are adequate to protect the safety of people and property within the construction site and the surrounding area. Source Machinery operates and is committed to a behavioral safety programs. Our intent is to change the culture at a ‘hearts and minds’ level and to nurture human responses within our workforce to keeping themselves and others safe. We continue to challenge ourselves with SMART targets shared across the Company, the outcomes of which are validated by precise measurement. Our benchmark continues to be fewer lost-time injuries, lower environmental impact, a positive legacy for the communities in which we work and it remains of vital importance to us to send each of our employees home safely every evening. Our primary aim is maintaining and further developing a first class safety culture. The Company is fully committed to the prevention of accidents, injuries and ill health. One of the key objectives is to ensure continual improvement to reduce accidents, ill health and incidents. Source Machinery remains focused on developing a positive and proactive health and safety culture, not only for our own people, but also for our suppliers and sub-contractors.

Facility Management

Source Machinery provides professional and comprehensive Facility Management Services from design to operation stage. Combined with our well-equipped state of the art technology, specialized team of expertise and diversified and extensive Facility Management experience allows us to develop and deliver the most effective solutions tailored to clients’ business needs. We tailor our services based on client requirements in order to provide customers with the most innovative, quality, efficient and effective integrated facility management services. Source Machinery offers a wide variety of Facility Management Services, which serve all business sectors surpassing clients’ business expectations.


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